Autumn of Love

I don’t like to shoot pictures of people I don’t know, which has to do with their privacy… But during a walk through Brussels I had to take this picture because everything seemed just so right about it.

(Yes, the post existed already, but it was a lovely couple and I was visiting Brussels… So it might as well be an entry for the weekly travel theme.)


Kind of corny, I know, but this pic of a sunrise on Mallorca is all I could come up with. And it’s definitely  a picture of silhouettes.

I try not to take pictures against the light because seldom something good comes out of it – aside from Silhouettes that is. And Silhouettes of people and buildings are not my cup of tea: I do not only want to see their shape, but the life and colour of them as well.

The world through my eyes (Loving Aachen XVII)

I show you the world through my eyes and I believe it is a beautiful one. But…: One must not forget the past and that’s what the pictures are about. Some are of the old graveyard in Aachen, one of an old jewish cemetry,  one of a painting in remembrance of the Holocaust and the others are of the most visible silent reminders of the Second World War – the bunkers here in Aachen.

No county should forget their history, because there has been cruelty everywhere. But we all know that here in Germany barbarity reached an absolute peak during those 12 years Hitler reigned.

The old jewish cemetry was destroyed in 1938. Parts of at least some of the gravestones were found in 1997 on a private property. The city constructed a wall of remembrance where once the graveyard was and inserted the pieces of the original gravestones. And remember we will.


In another light (Loving Aachen V)

Charlemagnes  cathedrale, dating back 1200 years, is beautiful by itself – but sometimes its beauty can be especially enthralling.


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