Beyond the seagulls

I tried to capture the seagulls, which wasn’t easy at all and I couldn’t focuse good enough with my Powershot – but they work even better in front of the riverside architecture of York, England.

Riverside York

Riverside York


Kind of corny, I know, but this pic of a sunrise on Mallorca is all I could come up with. And it’s definitely  a picture of silhouettes.

I try not to take pictures against the light because seldom something good comes out of it – aside from Silhouettes that is. And Silhouettes of people and buildings are not my cup of tea: I do not only want to see their shape, but the life and colour of them as well.

Medieval and Modern Geometry

Mosteiro dos Jerónimos, Lisboa

Lincoln, England

At the end of the Middle Ages the portuguese king Manuel I commissioned the monastery of Jeronimo in Lison and its church. The cathedral of Lincoln dates back to the 11th century and has been the worlds highest building from 1311 until 1549. Both impressive churches show all kinds of geometrical shapes (from the footprint to the columns and ceilings), albeit not such “clean/demure” ones as nowadays. Here an example of a far more modern “temple”:

Top of the Reichtag, Berlin

In another light (Loving Aachen V)

Charlemagnes  cathedrale, dating back 1200 years, is beautiful by itself – but sometimes its beauty can be especially enthralling.


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