To Catch a Train – Curves

Tracks in Aachen

Tracks in Aachen


12 thoughts on “To Catch a Train – Curves

  1. Kurt says:

    Vintage style capture, nice work.

  2. icastel says:

    This is a great shot. Love all the curvy lines and the tones 🙂

  3. Decided not to hit like on this one because well I “love” it! Why is there not a “Love” button!?! Great photograph.

  4. Aislynn says:

    Lovely shot 🙂

  5. halfcnote says:

    I like the gritty, yet etherial feel to this image. Nice capture.

  6. […] Hopefully you don’t get me wrong when I’ll choose a different take on this weeks challenge. Blogging is about community and mutual decisions. So I looked through my posts to find the one the most of you liked best, my masterpiece in your eyes. But the unbelievable thing is: There are two posts with 91 likes. Which of them is “the masterpiece”? It’s up to you to decide: Melbourne’s Skyline or the Traintracks? […]

  7. armstrongsss says:

    Good shot. I like it.

  8. Shaarazad says:

    Great! I haven’t been in Aachen for a long time and I really like this view from the Burtscheider Brücke

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