Cityhall – Granustower (Loving Aachen X)

The Top of the Tower

Situated between medieval (right) and modern (left) building

What you see here is the only old part still standing dating back to the years around 800 and belonging to the old palace of Charlemagne. So he actually might have climbed the steps. Visiting hours are very limited, because it’s open to the public only a week in september and you have to make bookings in advance.

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3 thoughts on “Cityhall – Granustower (Loving Aachen X)

  1. Luddy's Lens says:

    How bizarre that this grand old building is situated next to what looks like a boxy, boring apartment row.

    • stefanini says:

      It actually isn’t as boring as an apartment building would be – it’s the building of the registry office: A lot of weddings inside and a lot of flower espaliers (don’t know, if it’s the right word in english) outside.

  2. […] here to see the front, the entrance doors, the front in darkness, the back and the Granus Tower, the oldest part of todays standing […]

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