Charlemagnes Octagon (Loving Aachen IV)

Inside the Octagon

When stepping inside the “Aachener Dom”, I am torn. I am not sure if I truly like all this pretentious gold – which does not even date back to Charlemagnes days but is only a hundred years old. During his times the inside walls (not the columns) were probably painted red… The gold you now see is called neobyzantine style, but apart from that the octagon remains as Charlemagne planned it to be. It was the most of the german medieval kings were crownd.

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See by clicking on “Aachen” on the menu bar the other posts –  like the outside of the octagon – and check out the culture in my city.


9 thoughts on “Charlemagnes Octagon (Loving Aachen IV)

  1. I enjoyed the slides show, thanks for sharing.

  2. I think it’s gorgeous.


  3. mithriluna says:

    What gorgeous pictures! Terrific submission for the challenge.

  4. terrytrekker says:

    This is lovely! Very colorful and appealing! Thanks for the great photos!

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