Simplicity of Life

Guitar Player in Autumn

Guitar Player in Autumn

Old couple

Old couple


Why not live our life more simple, when Mark Twain, who died in 1910, already found the following to be true:

“Our civilization is wonderful, in certain spectacular ways; wonderful in material inflation, which it calls progress; wonderful in its hunger for money, and in its indifference as to how it is acquired; wonderful in its exhibitions of poverty; in herding the national parties and keeping the sheep docile and usable; in closing the public service against brains and character; in electing purchasable legislatures, blatherskite Congresses, and city governments which rob the town and sell municipal protection to gamblers, thieves and prostitutes for cash.

It is a civilization which has destroyed the simplicity and repose of life; replaced its contentment, its poetry, its soft romance-dreams and visions with the money-fever, sordid ideals, vulgar ambitions, and the sleep which does not refresh.

It has invented a thousand useless luxuries, and turned them into necessities; it has created a thousand vicious appetites and satisfies none of them.” – And if it does it’s only shortlived until the next must-have luxury comes our way…


2 thoughts on “Simplicity of Life

  1. Michael56j says:

    Interesting quotation. Great photos.

  2. finbarsgift says:

    simplify your life
    ist ja eine der großen mottos
    unserer zeit

    ich hoffe,
    die ausgabe dieses mottos
    kann eine änderung bewirken

    wenigstens in einigen Individuen
    global wohl kaum
    wenn ich mir USA, China zb ansehe

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