Hopefully you don’t get me wrong when I’ll choose a different take on this weeks challenge. Blogging is about community and mutual decisions. So I looked through my posts to find the one the most of you liked best, my masterpiece in your eyes. But the unbelievable thing is: There are two posts with 91 likes. Which of them is “the masterpiece”? It’s up to you to decide: Melbourne’s Skyline or the Traintracks?

Skyline Melbourne, Australia

Skyline Melbourne, Australia

Tracks in Aachen

Tracks in Aachen

See here for this weeks challenge.

13 thoughts on “Masterpiece?

  1. kattrinna says:

    i like the skyline more than the tracks. i feel like there’s a lot of story behind it. but i’m probably just being weird. hehe

    • stefanini says:

      Well… I could tell you the story why I came to Australia… (followed a boy I met in my hometown two days befor he left for Australia) … but there is no particular story behind this pic…

  2. They are both great photos but I vote for Melbourne skyline!!

  3. Shimky says:

    They are two very different photographs, both aesthetically very pleasing.

    If I have to choose, then for the mood I’m in today, The Melbourne Skyline wins.

    Regarding the awful yellow (c) notice in the bottom left corner: I’m sure that can be done more subtly.

  4. My vote would be for the skyline, I just love the color. Well done.

  5. desfischersseele says:

    Ich finde gerade das Nebeneinander der beiden Bilder meisterlich. Auf der einen Seite, die Weite des Bahnhofsgeländes, eingesponnen in Stahl und Draht. Und auf der anderen Seite die glitzernde Unbestimmtheit einer weiten Wasserfläche. Meisterhaft!

    • stefanini says:

      Danke! Dafür kann ich zwar insofern nichts, als dass ich ja nur die bestbewertesten nebeneinander gestellt habe, aber du hast Recht, ich finde sie so auch recht nett… 🙂

  6. LB says:

    I like your take on “masterpiece” and I’ll say the tracks. Not just to be different but because … I think it would be more challenging to reveal the beauty of tracts. And that is what you have done.

  7. In my opinion the skyline of Melbourne looks better 🙂

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