Bunkers (Loving Aachen XXII)

Graffitis (Bunker 1)

Perhaps “Bunkers” and “Loving Aachen” does not sound too well put together in a caption, because I obviously don’t like that there are bunkers everywhere in my city, but there are at least 10 because of the 2. World War. They do have a morbid charme and remind us of times we do not wish to live through again.

Bunker 1 is now used for concerts and band practices. Most weekends it is actually a disco with a certain kind of musty and damp atmosphere.

Bullet Holes (Bunker 1)

Bunker 2

Bunker 2 is unused but stil intact. Bunker 3 is not really a bunker but an adit into the Lousberg – it seems to have been used for shelter also.

Grown over (Bunker 3)

The 4th Bunker shown here was painted in 1999 and shows scenes of the history of Aachen:

Bunker 4

For more see here


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