Nostalgic in Aachen (Loving Aachen XXVI)

Aachen is my hometown, but even though I am here nearly all the time now, I still can get nostalgic, when I turn some streetcorner, when I smell autumn in the air, when I wander the streets at night. Let me tell you only this one memory:

The night I finally let my longtime love go was one in spring. We had been talking (and I had been crying) a lot, but now we were standing on the staircase of cityhall, were looking out over the market square and when we finished the pocket flask we had with us, he threw it into the fountain. Within this night he told me he loved somebody else, but that I still was the most important person in his life and that nobody ever knew him like I did. He had told some lies throughout the years but this was not one of them.

Sometimes I wonder if I should leave the city I love behind because so many memories will haunt me here forever. But that’s only on the bad days. Most days they make me smile because of all the love and life connected to my city.



2 thoughts on “Nostalgic in Aachen (Loving Aachen XXVI)

  1. finbarsgift says:

    lovely black and whites!

  2. LB says:

    oh that memory … I have one similar. So glad that most days you smile.

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