In Darkness: Brussels

Brussels at night

Brussels is not the most beautiful city in Europa, but, as most of you might know, as the Capital of Europe an important one. And I find this shot actually quite nice.


7 thoughts on “In Darkness: Brussels

  1. Me too! I find this shot quite nice. You really capture the mood. The lighting is great, too.

  2. For “not the most beautiful city” you did a very good job with this shot! Looks peaceful… exactly what i’d picture belgium like at night

    • stefanini says:

      Thanks! Well, it was actually quite messy, because of all the garbage bags scattered around. And it’s a mixture between old and new, looked after and run-down. But there are nice spots.

  3. frugaltravelrus says:

    nice shot, and taken with a Point and Shoot gets to show one does not need a expensive DSLR to capture GREAT shots at night. Beautiful composition.

    • stefanini says:

      Thanks. You’re right: Most of the nightshots published here (see category Darkness) are taken with an old powershot (bought 2005). One only needs a small tripod.

  4. finbarsgift says:

    indeed, nice light effects

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